The Nobel peace prize for 2019 got Abiy Ahmed Ali: who is he and what about him…

Нобелевская премия мира за 2019 год досталась Абию Ахмеду Али: кто он такой и что о нем...

11 October in the Norwegian capital Oslo, the Nobel Committee announced the Nobel peace prize winner 2019. To them became 43-year-old Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed Ali, who signed a peace agreement with his Eritrean counterpart of Isaiah Everki. So he finally stopped the 20-year war between the two countries. In 1993 Eritrea gained independence from Ethiopia, but in 1998 began the armed conflict over border territories. Active fighting continued for two years. during this time died from 70 to 100 thousand people.

In 2018, Prime Minister of Ethiopia and President of Eritrea signed a peace Treaty and agreed to cooperate in several spheres, including economic. At the same time in Ethiopia was liberated thousands of prisoners convicted on political charges.

The head of the government of Ethiopia awarded, as stated in the official statement, “for peace efforts and international cooperation and, in particular, for his determined initiative for the settlement of the border conflict with neighbouring Eritrea”. Moreover, Abiy Ahmed “has initiated important reforms in Ethiopia, giving many citizens the hope for a better life and a bright future”, as noted by the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

Abiy Ahmed Ali, the first Prime Minister of the country belongs to the Oromo people, as well as the first Muslim in this post.

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