The NSC “Olympic” opens for sports

НСК "Олимпийский" открывается для занятий спортом

Vadim Gutzeit

The Minister of youth and sports Vadim Gutzeit at the briefing on results of 100 days of the government paid attention to the main sports arena of Ukraine – NSC “Olimpiyskiy”.

In particular, Gutzeit said the timing of the opening of the stadium for sports.

“Since June 28, we first completely open the NSC Olimpiyskiy, built a large sports open space, making a large sports area with many sites. All of them will be free, and anyone can come and engage in physical activity”, – quotes the Minister

“The Federation will be able to present their platforms to promote sports. We will do everything that all knew and saw – NSC “Olimpiyskiy” is open to sports. This is a public facility that has been built on the budget money should be open to people. Already put a volleyball court, there are areas workout areas, basketball courts, many others,” said Gutzeit.

Recall that the Olympic champion in fencing and Vice-President of Federation of fencing of Ukraine Vadim Gutzeit in March he was appointed Minister of youth and sports.