The number of adherents Trudeau has not declined, despite the scandalous photos (PHOTOS)

Количество приверженцев Трюдо не снизилось, несмотря на скандальные фото    (ФОТО)

All of Canada, not only Canada, hot discusses recently introduced photos and videos of the Prime Minister with a brown and black makeup on his face.

And while many Canadians declare their outrage over the situation, but their support for Justin Trudeau is generally not affected.

According to constantly updated data from the national ballot from Nanos Research company, the number of supporters of the liberal party almost has not changed with the advent of photography and video.

“If you’re asking did we fall in the level of liberal support, the answer is no,” said the pollster Nik Nanos on CTV podcast The Trend Line.

But Nanos also added that we need to wait another day to get a full understanding of the impact of the scandal in the three-day average.

The latest stats, whose three-day rolling average closes 19th September, found that conservatives support 37% of the population, liberal 34%, NDP – 13% green – 9%.

“The conservatives have a slight advantage over the liberals, while the NDP and the green more than 20 points behind the two leaders,”said Nanos in a report published today.

Data retrieval is provided by means of a random telephone survey of 1,200 Canadians, which holds Nanos Research throughout the campaign, breaking them into three-day periods.

To conduct the study every night polled a new group of 400 eligible voters, a daily tracking figures are based on a three-day moving sample that includes a total of 1200 respondents.