The number of detainees on the U.S. border illegal immigrants is declining for the eighth consecutive month

The number of border arrests has been declining for the eighth month in a row after tough measures from the administration trump which include refoulement of asylum-seekers back to Mexico to wait for decisions on their applications — these data are reported on 3 February by representatives of the Department of homeland security, writes Time.

Число задержанных на границе США нелегалов сокращается восьмой месяц подряд

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The official said that the number of detentions at the border for the last four months amounted to 165 000 people. A year earlier during the same time, it was about 242 000 people. Data were provided on condition of anonymity because it has not yet been officially published.

In January there were 36 000 arrests, including arrests of individuals illegally crossing the border, and migrants who have been declared inadmissible for entry to the checkpoints. Since December the number of detentions decreased by 10%.

The US President Donald trump made his defining task of the suppression of immigration — legal and illegal. He spoke out against the asylum-seekers and others illegally crossing the border, as against the “fraud”, cheating the system, and made fun of immigrants from Mexico as bad hombers (“bad people” — eng., Spanish).

As a guideline trump uses monthly calculations of data at the boundaries to determine how his policy. The number of people crossing the border, traditionally decreases when it’s hot outside and in the winter months are often slow.

The monthly number has decreased by almost 75% since the peak last may, when there were more than 144 000 of problematic situations with migrants, mostly families from Central America, which is not easy to return across the border. Last spring the immigration system was extremely tense: the migrants within a few weeks came to a small border station, which were not intended for keeping people even in a few days. News about conditions at the border crossings and migrant deaths caused widespread outrage and prompted Congress to additional funding.

More than 55 000 asylum seekers, including families and pregnant women, were sent across the border to Mexico to wait for decisions on their cases for asylum, and faced with the disease and the appalling conditions in temporary camps, as well as attacks on and abductions by the cartels who patrol border areas.

Mexico also strengthened their border forces, giving to understand that the caravans that once traveled through its territory, will no longer be allowed to do it, after much pressure and threats of trade tariffs of Washington in 2019. U.S. policy currently prohibits anyone to seek asylum, unless that person first has crossed another country. Officials also direct the asylum-seekers, in the countries of Central America within the framework of agreements on border security with Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Despite the panic on the border, asylum seekers, still subscribe to the waiting list for entry into the United States at the official crossing in San Luis, Arizona. Customs and border protection reported a Mexican orphanage, who manages the list, how many applications for asylum are processed every day. The shelter evaluates the expectation in 3-4 months.



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