The number of hungry people in the world could double

The Chairman of the world food programme, the UN David Beazley stated that under the worst-case scenario pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 can lead to famine “of biblical proportions”.

Количество голодающих в мире может увеличиться вдвое

About this reports the BBC.

“If you don’t act now — to ensure access and prevent shortages of financing and trade, we may face a famine of biblical proportions after a few months. Time is not on our side,” said Beazley.

He also said that now the international community must take all measures to avoid disaster in which the number of hungry people in the world could double. Now the number of starving on the planet is 135 million.

Beazley emphasized that the zone of greatest risk are countries affected by military conflicts, economic crisis and climate change.

All countries in the world where people suffer from lack of food, 55. Among them Yemen, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Nigeria and Haiti.

It is these countries, a total population of approximately 135 million people, most vulnerable to the effects of the pandemic. In addition, even before the outbreak of coronavirus, parts of Africa and Asia had serious problems with food — in particular, because of the drought.

Beazley emphasized that the wealthy countries will become harder to help holidaysin in other countries, as their economies are also suffering from coronavirus.

“I believe that with our experience and partners we will be able to unite efforts and programs to COVID-19 did not lead to disaster,” says David Beasley.