The nutritionist believes that Kombucha is dangerous for health

Known nutritionist Lyudmila Goncharova calls to abandon the use of Kombucha. According to her, it can cause substantial harm to the health, especially the brain.

Диетолог считает чайный гриб опасным для здоровья

Kombucha has a very large spread. The drink prepared from it, many think it is not just delicious but also very useful. However, Lyudmila Goncharova argues that this is not true and it often causes negative reactions in the body.

As noted by Goncharov, it is quite often refer patients with certain health problems. When looking for causes, it appears that they have arisen due to drinking Kombucha. This is due to the fact that it contains a vast complex of acetic acid bacteria and yeast. This complex often causes an allergic reaction that leads to sinusitis and Renita. Also, as the specialist, Kombucha contains some percentage of ethyl alcohol that adversely affects the Central nervous system and the brain. The poet emphasizes Goncharova, drink Kombucha without consultation with physicians, relying only on their own views about it, not worth it.

Especially careful should be people suffering from diabetes, because in its composition contains a lot of sugar. People with fungal infections should also abandon its use because sugar and yeast only prostimulirujte existing infection. Kombucha can cause increase stomach acid, so those who have in this respect there is even the slightest problem, also better to give up this drink.