The nutritionist called the best foods for the brain

Active health of the brain primarily contributes the water, reported by nutritionist Lyudmila Denisenko. The expert believes water is the main product for the Central nervous system.

Диетолог назвала лучшие продукты для работы мозга

“Our body consists of 60-85% water and the brain is more than 90%, so the lack of water especially affects the status and functions of the brain,” explained the doctor.

As noted Denisenko, brain activity and improve products, the use of which is for the benefit of its vessels and ensures proper blood supply. For vessels suitable omega-3 fatty acids, which are fatty fish, vegetable oils and nuts, she advised.

Vitamin C and minerals such as sodium, magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, iodine and others, according to Lyudmila Denisenko, maintain good cerebral blood flow. The source of these trace minerals are vegetables and fruits.

To accelerate conduction in the nerve endings and improve the oxygen supply to the brain nutritionist recommends that you provide your body with vitamins of group B. According to the expert, they need to look for in yeast, cereals, wholemeal bread, dried fruits, nuts and legumes, liver, kidney, beef, lamb, egg yolk and milk.

“To update the cells of the brain and its normal functioning is extremely essential amino acids, primarily tryptophan, phenylalanine and leucine. These amino acids are found in vegetables, greens, fruits, nuts, milk and meat,” — stated the expert.