The nutritionist called the foods that you can eat at night without harm to the figures

Nutritionist Susie Burrell from Australia, has listed the snacks that should be avoided when wanting to lose weight. She also called healthy alternatives for snacking if hunger woke up after dinner.

Диетолог назвала продукты, которые можно есть ночью без вреда для фигуры

Dark chocolate can do more harm than good to the body if a person tries to lose weight. The product contains a lot of sugar and fat, so best avoided at night, if the main purpose is to lose weight. While milk is associated with improved quality sleep, it is not necessary to stay lean on flavored milk drinks such as hot chocolate. Called products often contain sweeteners that increases the feeling of hunger. Other delicacies, which the nutritionist urged to avoid include cheese, sauces and biscuits.

Among the useful alternatives turned out to be a simple popcorn. It contains less than 10 grams of carbohydrates, rich in fiber, being low-calorie snack. Almost no calorie sliced vegetables, berries and passion fruit are perfect to eat without guilt. Low calorie ice cream — another useful way to curb the craving for sugar after dinner. You can also prepare crackers with light cream cheese and tomatoes as a healthy snack.