The nutritionist explained, should we be afraid of sugar in fruit

In various sources can be found erroneous information about what fruit is the same white sugar is not worth it, or strictly limit consumption. Does this make sense? Fruit is also sugar? These questions were answered by the nutritionist Albina Komissarova in Instagram.

Диетолог объяснила, стоит ли бояться сахара во фруктах

Modern dietary recommendations say that we should limit the amount of added sugar. It’s those sugars that are added to foods or beverages during preparation or processing. While black and white: this does not include natural sugar found in milk and fruits.

We get the added sugar in most drinks, sweet coffee and tea, candy, cakes, cookies, ice cream, syrups, jams, etc.

Added sugar will be listed on the label as: sugar, brown sugar, glucose, corn syrup, maltose, invert sugar, nectar, sucrose and… fructose. Then it all jumped, but what about fruit?!

Fructose in fruits and berries is sure to contains. But whole fruits contain large amounts of fiber, which slows the absorption of fast carbohydrates, and therefore does not impact negatively on our body.

No Organization at the food does not limit the number of fruits a day, quite the contrary, the recommendation is always playing “at least”.

A healthy adult is recommended to drink 1-2 cups of fruit per day. 1 Cup = 250 ml. Cut fruits, zapolnaya Cup and realize how much it happens.

If easier, depending on the activity, it is recommended to consume 2-5 servings of fruit per day (recommendation ANA and USDA).

Don’t be afraid of fruits and berries. We eat chocolate with “evaporated coconut nectar,” while fear of the banana. Fruits and vegetables — one of the main sources of fiber.