The nutritionist said to eat on the plane


The former flight attendant is now engaged in power during air travel. She gave a few tips to help comfortably make the trip.

Диетолог рассказала, как питаться в самолете

British nutritionist Sarah Anderson told that you need to eat before, during and after the flight. Once Sarah herself worked as a flight attendant, so her interests in nutrition is not accidental. According to experts, the flight affects the taste buds, and this determines the fact that in-flight people often want salty or sweet food. In addition, the flight is dehydration, so in flight so often for drinks.

Sarah also notes that the flight contributes to overeating. To avoid this problem a nutritionist advises a few days before the flight to eat antioxidant-rich foods – juices, smoothies, salads. It is also important to sleep well. All this will help to comfortably move a long flight. During the flight every hour is recommended to drink a hundred ounces of water but from the tea, coffee and sugary drinks should be abandoned, especially if you have problems with blood vessels or blood pressure.

In addition, the expert notes that if you have while flying is the discomfort in the gut, then a few days before the flight is to eat beets, sauerkraut, ginger and garlic. Sarah also advised to take with you on the plane their products – cheese, olives, fruit and vegetables.

Within days after the flight, Sarah suggest eat more almonds, avocados, a Turkey and other lean meats. This allows you to balance sleep.

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