The nutritionist spoke about the benefits and dangers of canned fruit

In wintertime fresh fruit buy becomes more difficult. The smaller the range, the reduction of nutrients and the high cost cause the optimal replacement. One of these options be different kinds of canned fruits.

Диетолог рассказала о пользе и вреде консервированных фруктов

Meanwhile, according to nutritionist and clinical psychologist dietitian Anna Ivashkevich, this kind of fruit should not be considered so useful. In addition, they, of course, inferior to the fresh fruit in the content of useful substances in them and added quite a large amount of sugar. Also, the processing, prior to canning, and the subsequent finding of a preserved more reduces the content of such substances. In them is significantly less fibre, vitamins and minerals. After all, only the cleaning leads to loss of vitamin C, not less than two times. You should also understand that their role plays and oxidation from metal cans.

At the same time it is not necessary to completely abandon the use of canned fruit. In particular, it is better to eat them than, for example, fatty and high-calorie cake. But the choice of jam or such fruits, ought to choose the jam, because, as explained by the nutritionist, its just a lot to eat still more difficult than, say, canned peaches or strawberries.

Therefore, according to Ivashkevich, canned fruit may be included in the diet, but do not abuse it. It should be understood that to replace the fresh fruit they are still not able to.