The nutritionist spoke about the signs of low vitamin D

Research of Russian scientists say that lack of vitamin D is found in all regions of our country. This is not surprising — most part of the country enjoys Sunny days 3-4 months a year, and because the sun is the main factor in maintaining an optimal level of this vitamin.Dietitian-nutritionist talks about the signs that indicate the lack of the “sunshine vitamin”.

Диетолог рассказал о признаках нехватки витамина Д

Why do people need vitamin D?

Vitamin involved in the absorption of calcium, that is, support the joints healthy. In addition, it prevents cancers, reduces the risk of developing diabetes of the 2nd type, regulates the bowels, strengthens the immune system.

Signals that may indicate a lack of vitamin D:

“Sore muscles, aching bones and joints — a common signs of lack of vitamin D. It is also a necessary conditions for the synthesis of serotonin or the “happiness hormone”. Therefore, apathy and fatigue may indicate a deficiency. Because vitamin D is included in a number of substances that regulate the immune system, private, respiratory disease, unable to talk about the need to be tested on the content of this vitamin”. — says nutritionist.

In addition, scientists have found that people with excess weight, the concentration of vitamin D lower than thin. When patients nutritionists started to reduce weight, the concentration grew. Therefore, people with obesity, it is recommended to carefully monitor its level.

Where to get vitamin D?

With a serious shortage of products can not do — will have to take dietary Supplements. But to maintain concentration on the necessary level, pay attention to the following products:

  • eggs;
  • fatty fish;
  • milk and cottage cheese;
  • the liver of the fish;
  • butter.