The nutritionist spoke about the useful and unwanted products after 60 years

After 60 years in the food undesirable meat, sweet and starchy meals in large quantity, but very useful dairy and vegetable products. About it the press said the dietician Irina Kalinina.

Диетолог рассказала о полезных и нежелательных продуктах после 60 лет

According to nutritionist, after 60 years due to the decrease in the elasticity of the stomach is not able to accommodate the volume of food, which handled early. In addition, reduced secretion of gastric juice. All of this suggests that the power after 60 years should be more easy: it is important that the food is not “standing” in the stomach, thereby increasing the risk of various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

“Violations can be avoided if you limit the consumption of meat, pastry dishes and to enter into the diet of more vegetable products,” — said the expert.

In particular, Kalinina noted that the diet at this age, unwanted fatty meats – it is better to eat lean beef, rabbit meat, chicken, Turkey. Twice a week should be fish.

A very useful field for 60 years, the expert considers dairy products. Specialist recommended to drink before going to bed yogurt. It is also useful to eat 2-3 eggs a week, cooked soft-boiled or scrambled eggs.

Breakfast for people 60 years Irina Kalinina advised to cook porridge of buckwheat or oatmeal. Bread is better to eat yeast-free and with added bran.

Among junk foods at this age the technician called the following categories:

  • legumes – they are a dietitian advises to give up entirely;
  • sweet in the night you need to consume no more than 50 grams of sugar, instead of sweets it is better to eat fruits, berries and honey;
  • salt per day should eat no more than 5 grams, violation of this rule is especially dangerous for people with cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.