The nutritionist told me what to replace fresh vegetables in the winter

In winter, eat healthy food becomes more difficult.

Диетолог рассказала, чем заменить свежие овощи зимой

Ukrainian nutritionist and expert on nutrition Olga Usenko told what to replace fresh vegetables in the winter.

So, details she shared on his page in Instagram. “Every year I receive hundreds of messages with questions, and what to do when the tomatoes and cucumbers? It’s very simple! At any time of the year we can find green beans frozen is a great vegetable for us. Also you can eat sea cabbage, carrots (grated, fresh or carrots in Korean), beets, pumpkin, zucchini and all versions of brassicas: Brussels, Beijing, broccoli or cauliflower,” — said Usenko noting that these options will suit everyone.

In addition, the nutritionist added that you can also use frozen corn. But only in the case when there is nothing or all tired. But pickles and canned vegetables with sugar she recommends adding to your diet.