The nutritionist told us how to give up sugar and salt without stress to the body

The best solution for health.

To reduce the amount of sugar and salt in your diet to promote health, you need to carefully check the ingredients listed on the package, and to try new tastes.

Диетолог рассказал, как отказаться от сахара и соли без стресса для организма

This Council gave us a nutritionist, doctor Darria long Gillespie, explaining that the human brain since ancient times especially loves these products.

“For our ancestors – cavemen – they were necessary for survival. But in those days such products were rare and ancient people did not have a lot of willpower to limit myself in bad food,” – said Gillespie.

She said that part of the brain that regulates willpower, evolutionary younger and often overlaps with primitive desires. To “cheat” nature is still possible. For this you need to minimize the consumption of hidden sugar.

Hidden sugar on the packaging

According to nutritionist, this Supplement contains 74% of store products. Hidden sugar and salt can be found in the juice, processed foods, sauces, sausages and so on. It is added for rich flavor, but the manufacturer is not always honest with the buyer.

To find the Supplement you need to carefully read labels. Danger lurks in the first five ingredients. Often the manufacturer specifies on the package “corn syrup” or “rice syrup”.

According to nutritionist, the person gets an increased sensitivity by decreasing the number of hidden sugar. As a result, need much less sweet.

New flavors

Experts advise to try new tastes: sour, bitter and umami (taste of protein-rich substances secreted in the independent: most often, this seasonings). They have a lower threshold of satiety, and that means the more saturated and without salt and sugar.

For example, you can fill with meat or vegetables instead of salt aromas minds (marinated vegetables, mushrooms, lime juice, soy sauce with low sodium and seasoned hard cheeses such as Parmesan) to taste. Or use natural seasonings. Over time, a craving for salt will begin to fall.

To control portion size

To reduce the amount of sugar and salt in the diet can by reducing the volume of consumption. For example, you can replace a big pile of cookies, on a small. When people are given a few small bars individually wrapped, they eat significantly less than if you gave the same amount in a large package.