The nutritionist warned of the dangers of activated charcoal

Like other medicines, this sorbent should not be taken lightly.

Диетолог предупредила о вреде активированного угля

More recently, activated carbon was considered almost a panacea. It is taken for detoxification, for weight loss, for the treatment of peptic ulcer disease and diseases of the intestine and kidney, were treated with hangover.

Today doctors advise to use activated charcoal, as it despite the seeming harmlessness is still a drug and can be harmful if the wrong reception.

As stated by the dietitian Natalia Pugacheva, activated carbon is recommended by doctors for stomach bloating, diarrhea, food poisoning and to cleanse the kidneys. It is necessary to correctly calculate the dose per kilogram of body weight.

The uncontrolled administration of activated charcoal may lead to development of peptic ulcers, constipation and dehydration.

“Activated charcoal should be taken two hours before meals, drinking plenty of water,” said the nutritionist.

But the common assertion that the activated carbon is good for your teeth when added to toothpaste, has denied scientists at king’s College, London. They found that the activated carbon in this use can destroy tooth enamel.