The nutritionist warned of the dangers of useful bread

According to dietitian Elena Solomatina, health is very useful rye bread, but often under the guise of this product, the consumer is offered his an ersatz. The use of such bread is unsafe.

Диетолог предупредила об опасности полезного хлеба

The bread is traditionally one of the most important products. Nutritionist Elena Solomatina said that the choice of bread you need to follow the principle: the simpler the composition the better. Optimally, if the bread is made from flour, water and salt.

“Preferably, the flour from which bread is made, was not of the highest quality, and flour, second grade or rye,” — said the expert.

Special health benefits, providing the body with fiber and vitamins, brings rye bread, convinced the dietitian. The problem is that to find good quality bread, from rye flour today is not easy.

“Manufacturers use wheat flour and dye. Rye fields there are practically no”, — said Solomatin.

The dietician always recommends to scrutinize the composition of the package of bread. In the beginning it States what the product is cooked, the last coming supplements. Regular consumption of bread with artificial additives, especially in large quantities, leads to the development of insulin resistance and increases the risk of diabetes type two diabetes, warned the expert.

Most dangerous in this plan beautiful, lush rolls. If such products are felt by the lubricity test, therefore, they contain margarine that is related to the TRANS fats, consumption of which is associated the development of dangerous diseases, particularly cardiovascular.