The NZ gunner sent a letter from prison in Russia and predicted a ‘big conflict’ (PHOTO)


Новозеландский стрелок отправил из тюрьмы письмо в Россию и предрек 'большой конфликт' (ФОТО)

Brenton Tarrant, who is accused of killing 51 people in mosques in New Zealand, wrote a letter from prison to a certain Alan of Russia. About it reports TV channel “Rain” with reference to Associated Press. The letter itself is posted on the website 4chan.

The six-page letter dated July 4th. In this Tarrant talks about the month trip to Russia in 2015, and warns of a coming “great conflict.” AP notes that the letter has expressions that can be interpreted as a “call to arms”. In addition, Tarrant thanked Alan for postage stamps, which he apparently sent him, quoted by Plato and other philosophers who inspired him, and regrets that he could not give vent to feelings, as the prison guards can confiscate his letter.

The Minister of corrections New Zealand’s Kelvin Davis said that the prison authorities were not to allow Tarrant to send a message. “I made it clear that this must not happen”, – he said. According to the management, the text quoted by New Zealand Herald, letter Tarrant had to hold, however, because sending mail is one of the minimum rights of prisoners, and letters may be detained by the Director only in limited number of cases, this did not happen. Also, management noted that the management system mail this prisoner has already introduced changes that will make the process of control “as effective as necessary.”

March 15, armed men immediately after the afternoon prayer, entered the mosque of al-Nur and Lynnwood, located in Christchurch next door and blocked the door. Witnesses reported that at the time of capture in the mosques remained about 200 and 300 people respectively. Then shots rang out, in which 51 people were killed and about 50 injured.

Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, was arrested on suspicion of attack three people, but the assault charges were brought against only one Tarrant. The attack was accompanied by a video stream, the manifest and the mention of memes and famous bloggers. Journalists suggest that the shooter left a lot of references and “traps for the media” to be discussed even more.

During the 17-minute stream of the action the Aussie was actively discussed on 8chan and Reddit, which also has a link. Earlier, the Tarrant left a 73-page Manifesto, which talked about the original plan to attack three mosques, he explained his motivation and called sources of inspiration. Tarrant is in prison of strict regime, however, does not recognize his guilt. The decision on business will be passed in may 2020. After the terrorist attack in Christchurch the government has announced its intention to prohibit the circulation of assault and semi-automatic rifles, as well as to spend up to $ 200 million to buy weapons from the population.

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