The official rate of the hryvnia against the dollar, rose

The national Bank of Ukraine on Monday, April 13, has set the official exchange rate of hryvnia to US dollar at the level of 27.20 UAH/USD.

Официальный курс гривны, по отношению к доллару, вырос

So, after a two-day fall of the national currency rose against the dollar, 6 cents, — Hvil reports citing the website of the NBU.

According to the NBU, the official exchange rate of hryvnia against Euro on Monday set at the level for 29.56 UAH/EUR, which is 8 cents above the previous figure.

On the interbank currency market of Ukraine to 16.00 quotes hryvnia to the dollar was established at the level of:

— 27,11/of 27.15 UAH/USD.,

— 29,67/29,70 UAH/EUR.

The value of the U.S. dollar in exchange offices of Kiev on the morning of Friday, April 10, on average, sank 10 cents to 27.50 UAH. for a dollar.

The value of the Euro rose 5 cents — up to 30 UAH.