The Oklahoma woman ‘stole’ the garage and tried to sell it via Facebook

A woman from Oklahoma was arrested for stealing the garage and tried to sell it on the Internet. This writes the New York Post.

В Оклахоме женщина 'украла' гараж и пыталась продать его через Facebook

Photo: Depositphotos

36-year-old Vicki Treister charged that she stole a garage near Oklahoma city (Oklahoma), and then placed an ad on Facebook Marketplace, trying to sell it for $1500.

The owner of the building told police that he watched the local ads when I saw a photo of my own garage, for sale.

The blurb said that two people sell the garage, which is actually worth $6000.

On questioning by the police Treister first lied about where she took the garage, and later claimed that he gave a friend.

But the “friend” who’s a brother of the victim, said that did not give her permission to take it.

Treister is accused of theft and illegal use of the Internet to make money.

The ad no longer appeared on the Facebook Marketplace.