“The old woman”: haters accused Alla Pugacheva in the “embellishment” photo

«Старуха»: хейтеры обвинили Аллу Пугачеву в «приукрашивании» фото

The famous singer Alla Pugacheva was again in the spotlight. The Internet has emerged archival photo of Alla, made four years ago. Paparazzi captured the Diva during her walks with her little daughter Elizabeth. This writes the Russian Fifth channel.

«Старуха»: хейтеры обвинили Аллу Пугачеву в «приукрашивании» фото

Alla on raw images photographers looks, to put it mildly, not very beautiful and attractive. But in all official photos, processed photos on the pages of Galkin and Pugacheva Primadonna looks much better.

Citite”Girl”: leggy Pugacheva in the “youth” mini eclipsed Christina Orbakajte (photo)

If social networks fans a Diva I sincerely admire, as soon as the Network surfaced photo of the actual appearance of Alla, it literally snapped Internet haters.

«Старуха»: хейтеры обвинили Аллу Пугачеву в «приукрашивании» фото

At the same time, Alla was found and the defenders.

Loyal fans of the prima Donna stepped in front of spiteful critics. Fans of Alla write Hayter, 70 years of age, and Pugacheva is now 70 years old, look like they will clearly not better.

Citite”Actress in mother!” Daughter Alla Pugacheva was struck by his artistry

Fans are reminded that aging is a natural process, which no one is immune. But the alleged Alla proved that did not be like so many of his colleagues, and refused plastic surgery.

As previously reported “FACTS” became known, who will soon replace Alla Pugacheva in the film about Julia Nachalova.

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