The old woman hit the jackpot and forgotten lottery ticket in the store

Старушка сорвала джекпот и забыла лотерейный билет в магазине

A resident of Baltimore, Maryland, won the lottery, 12.3 thousand dollars (784,6 thousand) and from the excitement I forgot the winning ticket in the store. About it reports UPI.

70-year-old American played the lottery during a trip to the Mall, while her husband was at the grocery store. The woman chose virtual horse racing and made a bet with two drawings of horses 2, 5, 10 and 7. According to her, the numbers corresponded to the dates of birth of her family members.

When the numbers matched, she took the ticket to the cashier, and he confirmed that she can claim the big prize. To celebrate, the winner ran to his car and told her husband about the win. Only after he was asked to show the ticket, the woman realized that she forgot it at the checkout.

The pair returned to the Mall, and the store employee gave her back the ticket. Monday, October 4, a woman asked for a cash prize in the headquarters of the lottery.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the UK Gail This bought three lottery tickets and absentmindedly entered in two of them the same number. She checked the draw results on the phone and realized that the error with doubled winnings.