The Olympic flame in Tokyo in 2020 has arrived in Japan amid uncertainty around the Games (video)

Олимпийский огонь Токио-2020 прибыл в Японию на фоне неопределенности вокруг проведения Игр (видео)

The Olympic flame in Tokyo in 2020 has landed in Japan to start their 121-day journey across the country, which should bring the message of hope to the world, reported on the official website of the Games.

The fire was brought by a special “Tokyo 2020 Go” from Athens and arrived at the air force base of Japan “Matsushima” in Miyagi Prefecture.

Traditionally, the movement of the Olympic torch relay going through and continuing its transmission from hand to hand, but the pandemic is in the early stages it was decided to send the fire plane.

In Japan, the fire met the Chairman of the Committee for Tokyo 2020, Yoshiro Mori, the President of the NOC of Japan Yasuhiro Yamashita, the triple Olympic champion on judo Tadahiro Nomura and three-time Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling Saori Yesid.

At the moment the international Olympic Committee (IOC) refuses to carry the Olympics in 2020, but monitors the current situation.

The official start of the summer Olympics scheduled for July 24. The game will last until 9 August.