The Olympic venue in Tokyo detected carcinogenic asbestos

На олимпийском объекте в Токио обнаружен канцерогенный асбест

Swimming center in Tokyo, Tatsumi

In the center of water sports “Tatsumi” in Tokyo, which will be competing in the summer Olympic games in 2020, was detected carcinogenic asbestos, according to Asahi.

Material previously used in construction for fire safety purposes, but later it was proved that it can cause cancer.

The dangerous substance was found in the coating of support beams. The organizers of the Games-2020 stated that will be taken “urgent security measures”. The source claims that carcinogenic asbestos was discovered at the facility two years ago, but city officials said the amount of harmful substances is small and does not have to remove it from the cover.

The Olympics will be held in Tokyo from 24 July to 9 August 2020.