The oncologist called proven ways to reduce the risk of cancer

Healthy lifestyle helps people to reduce the risk of cancer. Also you should try to avoid sources of carcinogens, including chemical production, congested highway. About it the press said the oncologist Nikolai Zhukov.

Онколог назвал проверенные способы снизить риск развития рака

There are proven ways to significantly reduce the risk of cancer, said Professor Nikolay Zhukov. One of these methods is the control of body weight. According to the scientist, the extra weight proved increases the risks of various “female” cancers: tumors of the mammary glands, uterus, ovaries. Not only in women but also in men excess weight may increase the likelihood of cancer of the colon, pancreas, kidney, stomach, liver.

Also, the oncologist said that to reduce the risk of cancer it is essential to renounce Smoking. He noticed that this habit helps to penetrate into the body kanzerogenen substances, harmful for the lung, lip, larynx, urinary bladder, blood cells.

Nikolay Zhukov added that the who attributed to carcinogenic factors to use large amounts of red meat and its products. Accordingly, the control used meat and sausages will increase the chances of avoiding cancer.

In addition, Professor Nikolay Zhukov binds to cancer risk factors any alcohol. According to the scientist, the use of alcohol adversely affects the state of the mucosa of the oral cavity and digestive organs and can also affect cell bodies, which do not interact directly with alcohol.

In addition to better protection against cancer oncologist recommend to respect the sleep and wakefulness, to avoid busy roads and excessive ultraviolet radiation.