The oncologist called the factors influencing the emergence of cancer

Specialist-oncologist Andrey Kaprin said there are three factors that, according to his version, the greatest impact on risk of cancer occurrence.

Онколог назвал факторы, влияющие на появление рака

So the doctor, in particular, considers Smoking, alcohol consumption and human papilloma virus.

Oncologist, citing data from the world health organization reported that cancer risk for a person about 15 percent depends on its genotype, and the rest from the lifestyle.

“We need to understand that approximately 15 percent of our genome, and all the rest is our lifestyle that we lead,” he said, in particular, Andrey Kaprin.

Speaking about the most dangerous factors influencing the development of cancer in the external environment, the doctor has identified the first use of cigarettes and alcohol. The other two factors it is called the chemicals (specifically asbestos or dyes), as well as excessive consumption of red meat.