The oncologist called the main signs of lung cancer

Oncologist Dean sakaeva called the main signs of lung cancer. According to the doctor, in some cases, cancer develops without symptoms, so you should take the habit to undergo regular medical examination.

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The main symptom of lung cancer is long-lasting and not susceptible to traditional methods of treatment of cough. Simultaneously, the person has weakness, shortness of breath and hemoptysis. All these symptoms can be observed on the background of increased body temperature. If you cannot get rid of the cough for a long period of time, you must contact your doctors and get tested. It will help the patient to discover the truth about the condition and find out what has caused the disease. The doctor said that lung cancer can occur without any symptoms. This happens when the tumor has nothing to do with the bronchus, and therefore does not cause cough. In this case, to determine the presence of tumors only in the special medical examination.

The oncologist also recommended to pay attention to dizziness and severe headaches. These symptoms may indicate the spread of metastasis of a malignant tumor. According to Dina Sakaeva, in medical practice there were cases when the patient is treated with pain in the head, and in the course of the examination, the doctors diagnosed a secondary source of growth of tumors in the brain.