The oncologist called the symptoms that can signal something about lung cancer

Cough that is not treated with medication, and also dizziness and weakness can be symptoms indicating the development of lung cancer. This was told by the oncologist Dean sakaeva.

Врач-онколог назвала симптомы, которые могут сигналить о раке легкого

Doctors do not tire of repeating that cancer is most effectively treated at an early stage. The problem is that the beginning of the development of cancer, usually do not give a vivid and symptoms, which would allow to suspect and identify the disease. Pay attention to the disease can only be seeing manifestations, is able to seem insignificant — but at the same time, the unusual normal state of the body. You would need to know your body and its physiology, to notice even minor changes in health.

Ufa oncologist Dean community: in conversation with journalists has told about possible symptoms of lung cancer — one of the deadliest types of cancer.

“Most often it is prolonged cough that is not treated with medication, shortness of breath, hemoptysis, weakness, and constantly rising temperature. In this case, you need to urgently undergo a medical examination to the pathology of the lungs or bronchial tubes,” — said the doctor.

In addition, the oncologist advised me to pay attention to the dizziness and strong headache. Often cancer starts to metastasize, including that can reach the brain, causing the corresponding symptoms.

However, noted oncologist, there is the asymptomatic development of lung cancer, when the tumor affects the bronchi. The tumor for a long time may not manifest any symptoms, doctors detect it during the survey. That’s why it’s important to undergo regular medical examinations, said the expert.