The only daughter of Mayakovsky was born and lived in the United States: the unknown pages of the life of the poet

In 1991, the 65-year-old Professor at City University of new York Patricia Thompson, nee Jones, informs the General public that her real father was Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky, and asks now to call her Yelena Vladimirovna Mayakovskaya. Prior to this it was believed that children Mayakovsky, who never officially married, was not. This writes Esquire.

Единственная дочь Маяковского родилась и жила в США: неизвестные страницы из жизни поэта

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The relationship between the parents of Elena, like many stories short romantic love full of warm, but foggy memories and insights that are lacking actual confirmation. Many of these events are known only from the words of the most Mayakovskaya or the memories of her mother.

Here are some facts. In 1925, Vladimir Mayakovsky travels to the United States at the invitation of his friend David Burliuk. Mayakovsky speaks no English and needs an interpreter. They get Ellie Jones, which until most recently, was named Elizabeth Siebert. The parents of Elizabeth, the wealthy peasants of Bashkotorstan, descendants of German immigrants, after the revolution, on the advice of friends escaped to Canada, and she Lisa, she stayed in Russia and worked for a charitable organization.

She was well educated, knew several languages, including English. At work she met Englishman George Jones, whom she married and went first to England then to the States. Apparently, by the time the meeting with Mayakovsky husband and Ellie is already dead, although the official divorce has not been formalized.

Mayakovsky was in USA three months, during which, says Elena, Ellie and Vladimir was together: went to parties, walked across the Brooklyn bridge and, in General, behaved very recklessly. Here Patricia Thompson quotes mother in his memoir, “Mayakovsky in Manhattan. A love story with excerpts from the memoirs of Ellie Jones”: “We have some time we were pretty close when he said, “are You doing anything — somehow protected?” And I said, “to love is to have children,” he said, “Oh, you’re crazy, baby!”… Sure: in my life the poet had no other three months of complete freedom and absolute devotion to women. When we first met, he wished: “Let’s just live for each other. Keep all between us. No one else is concerned. Just you and me.” The only time he lived with a light heart and be happy.”

The congratulatory telegram for the new year Mayakovsky asks Ellie: “Write everything. All. Happy New year”. Some biographers suggest that thus Mayakovsky’s letting her know that in the course of her pregnancy. For a long time, for fear of censorship, Ellie doesn’t mention about his condition (“I think that you understand my silence”), and only in a letter dated 6 may asks to send her $600 to pay the bills in the hospital. Mayakovsky replied: “Not that I didn’t want to help, but objective circumstances do not allow me to do what I want.” Still, the NKVD does not sleep.

June 15, 1926 a daughter Ellie, who received the name of her lawful husband, Helen Patricia Jones. All affectionately call the girl as well as mom — ally. Letter Mayakovsky on the occasion of the birth of his daughter has not survived, but remained a response to Ellie: “So happy Your letter, my friend! Why didn’t you write earlier. I’m still very weak. Writing a lot can’t. Don’t want to get upset, remembering a nightmare for me spring. Because I’m alive. Soon I’ll be healthy. I’m sorry to have upset You a stupid note.”

“Rechts (Rechts Charles, a lawyer who helped Mayakovsky with the American visa for the first time) back in August, writes Ellie on. — I’m sure visa will get it. If you finally decide to come — Telegraph. I wrote his address. I live in Long Island. To me Pat. She stayed up with me all this time. Honey. I waited and waited from You letters — as they have in the boxes? Ah, Vlad.”

In the United States Mayakovsky never came. On one of the blank pages of the notebooks of the poet in 1926 recorded simply as “daughter”. Elena believes that this treatment of the poet appeals to his faraway daughter that he was destined to see only once. In his book about Mayakovsky Swedish biographer Bengt Jangfeldt writes that, according to Sony Shamardino, one of the few who knew about the existence of little Ellie, Mayakovsky admitted to her that “I never thought that the child can experience such strong feelings <…> I think about her constantly.” However, he could not help her daughter either financially or otherwise.

The only meeting of father and daughter took place in September 1928. Mayakovsky came to nice, where Ellie daughter and I were waiting for his us visa. He spent “two Ellie” three days, and on October 27, was sent from Paris a letter (in the address — touching spelling errors the person not speaking in English: Nice 16 avenue Schakespeare. M-me Elly Jonnes): “Two cute, two native Ellie! I you already whole saskutil. Dream to come back for a week. Mind? Caressed? <…> I kiss you all eight legs. Your Ox”.

And they never saw each other.

In 1993 marks 100 years since the birth of Vladimir Mayakovsky. At a Symposium in new York on the life and work of the poet, Elena made a report “What it means to be a daughter of Mayakovsky”. Unfortunately, the Symposium proceedings are available only in five libraries in the USA and only in paper form, so that the Russian reader is left wondering how the famous father affected the life of their American daughter.

One thing is clear — in 1991, Elena together with her son, Roger Sherman, first came to Russia. In Moscow they met with the relatives of Mayakovsky, visited the Museum of the poet on Lubyanka square, and his grave at Novodevichy cemetery. Thompson started to speak, give interviews, tell the concerned press about the affair of their parents, about the only meeting with his father, which took place in 1928 in nice, that Dorothy Jones was the great love poet, but the relationship was “politically dangerous” and he “covered” a loud affair with Tatiana Yakovleva. Thompson also argues that its goal is the rehabilitation of his father, who “just could not kill himself because of a woman”. In 2003 he published the Russian translation of the book “Mayakovsky in Manhattan: a love Story”, which was published in the United States in 1993. The material in this book was the talk Patricia with her mother and the memoirs of Dorothy Jones, which she during the life had to dictate them on tape.

In the book, she recalls in detail the “long legs” Mayakovsky speaks of strong ties on life connecting it with the father — which is surprising, given the fact that Thompson saw Mayakovsky once, and then at the age of two years. However, if you look at the photos of Thompson, the similarity with the poet catches the eye. But similar they, apparently, were not only externally.

Patricia grew up in new York and in 1944 he graduated from school with advanced study of music and art, liked to draw, like her father, and had good abilities. In preparation for becoming a lawyer, received a bachelor’s degree at Barnard College, Columbia University. She then two years he studied law, even wrote a draft of a thesis under the title “Sources of capital in international law”, but never defended. During her studies she started working as editor in different publishing houses, and, apparently, this time he found his calling. In 1960, she receives a master’s degree in sociology in 1973 — protects another master’s degree in the specialty “family and consumer attitudes”, and in 1980 it becomes the master of education majoring in “educational programs and teaching”.

Long Thompson taught at Lehman College of the City University of new York. It’s certainly not the most prestigious University in new York, but among the famous graduates of the school writer Andre Asiman (“Call me her name”), a human rights activist Letitia James and jazz musician Bob Stewart. Thompson called himself an adherent of feminist theory and the field of her research and academic interests were mainly questions of education and gender studies. For example, in different years, she lectured on “Food, fashion and feminism”, “Women and media”, “Women and power”, “Mother and daughter”, “family relationships”. From 1974 to 2000, she actively participated at the seminars and conferences presentations, has written several books and has put forward a philosophical theory hostinskogo, Pro-family feminism (on behalf of Hestia, goddess of the hearth): she argues that it is necessary to separate the home from the market relations and that two of these loci require women different types of behavior.

In the last years of his life, however, Elena entirely focused on the memory of his father. About 10 times she came to Russia, and in 2008 was awarded the order of Lomonosov (awarded “for high achievements in state, production, scientific research, social, cultural, public and charitable activities in the field of science, literature and art”), confirming its relationship with the famous poet. Thompson died on 1 April 2016, reaching nearly 90 years, and bequeathed to dispel his ashes over the grave of his father. Were you able to implement it is unclear.


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