The only professional football club of Cherkasy region on the brink of extinction

Единственный профессиональный футбольный клуб Черкащины на грани исчезновения

“Cherkasy region”

The only professional football team of the Cherkasy region “Cherkasy region” can be removed from the current season of the championship of Ukraine in the First League, reports

According to the publication, on the eve of a meeting of the club to discuss further steps.

Before the players put the dilemma of the leadership offered to pay them for the debts and then the team ceases to participate in the League or the team continues performance for the funds that remained.

The team is inclined to the first option, clarifies the issue.

The main investor “Cherkasy” Vladimir Lashkul the meeting was not present. On the phone the functionary said that he last week discontinued investment activities in respect of the club. The question is whether it is complete cessation of existence of the club or removal from the championship this season, Lashkul did not answer, again stressing that has no relation to the club, and that he was “tired of fighting with Cherkasy parochial self-interest.”

After 10 rounds “Cherkassy region” is the penultimate 15th place in the First League, with 5 points