The Ontario government will publish an annual report on the economy of the province (PHOTO)

Правительство Онтарио опубликует ежегодный доклад по экономике провинции  (ФОТО)

Today the provincial government of Ontario plans to present to the public, many of whom anxiously await the new cuts, the autumn economic report.

Progressive conservatives Premier Doug Ford said that the report provides more detailed information on their actions aimed at the elimination of the provincial economy on balance.

Finance Minister Rod Phillips said that the data included in the report demonstrate that the province will be able to surpass forecasted earlier $ 10.3 billion in the framework of deficit reduction.

The government also stated that the mini-budget will include measures aimed at stimulating growth jobs and strengthening the economy.

Last month Phillips had tried to remove the fears that the report will include reductions similar to those which were in the autumn report of the government last year.

Last year’s document included the elimination of several independent bodies of control and supervision and the withdrawal of funding to the University in French.