The operator of the GTS from the beginning of 2020 received more than 21 billion for transit from Russia

Оператор ГТС с начала 2020 получил более 21 млрд грн за транзит из РФ

For the first 6 months, “the Operator of Ukraine’s GTS” got about 21.5 billion UAH for the provision of services on gas transit from Russia to the EU and Moldova. This was reported in OHTSU.

According to indepartmental for the first 6 months OHTSU received a 29.4 billion UAH of income, 73% of whom ( 21.5 billion — ed.) for services on transit of gas from Russia to the European Union and Moldova, and the other 27% — for the service for the transportation to Ukraine, as well as the service for the daily balancing and so on.

The total volume of expenses for the period amounted to 10.1 bln hryvnia.

The operator of the CTA said that more than 50 percent of the cost was spent on the purchase of natural gas for the needs of production and services balancing.

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The rest was spent on maintenance and repair of GTS facilities, and fuel consumables and reagents, taxes and other production costs.

Earlier it was reported that on Friday, July 24, the national Bank of Ukraine set the official hryvnia exchange rate to the us dollar and the Euro.