The opinion of a cardiologist: who risk premature death due to heart problems

About who faces a premature death because of heart problems, was told by the doctor of medical Sciences, doctor-cardiologist Philippe Kopylov.

Мнение кардиолога: кому грозит преждевременная смерть из-за проблем с сердцем

According to him, problems with heart and vessels occur for several reasons. One of them is obesity, and is the most dangerous fat in the abdomen (abdominal obesity).

Abdominal obesity is a pathological condition caused by deposition of excess fat in the abdomen and upper torso, and (more serious) internal organs.

Specifically, we only need to measure your waist. The critical level for men is a waist 102 cm, women 88 cm.

Another danger — high blood pressure. To 65 years of age is considered to be increased more than 130/80 mm Hg. article, and after 65 — above 140/90.

Causes of premature death can also be diabetes, excessive salt (more than 5 mg per day) and alcohol, Smoking, physical inactivity and unfavorable heredity, the expert said. He stressed that the risk of cardiovascular disease is higher for men than women.

Specialists advise to undergo a medical examination to treat chronic diseases and to get rid of excess weight and bad habits.