The opinion of gerontology: how to delay the aging process

What effect on aging when it begins and how to slow its process, the scientist said Valery Mamaev.

Мнение геронтолога: как замедлить старение

— What is aging in General? Everyone can see it, but no one understands. From the experience of humanity, it turns out that the most effective means connected with the raising of body’s defense systems, he said.

The people themselves are very vulnerable, and that’s why nature gave them a huge amount of protective systems. These systems need to know and help them.

For example, many people are afraid that age will become less work the brain. Therefore, it is necessary to follow with blood circulation, nutrition, although, as noted Mamaev, to build this balance can only be a specialist.

The aging process, according to him, started very early — years 15. Visible changes start at about 30 years. In an earlier age, the process is less visible because of the system and work so well, but after 30 calls for more support.

It is very important, as it feeds people, does not consume whether it is a bad product. Need to add some trace minerals, antioxidants, but commensurate with the condition of the body.

Maev stressed that “the body is very easy to drive, and when a person is committed to some kind of record, often this is followed by unpleasant consequences.” Your body must love, “to care for him is necessary, as for favorite car, just remove the problem, otherwise it will go racing”.

Every body grows old on its own. It is important to determine his weak point — that it will have first strike. Someone is joints someone’s brain.