The opinion of the endocrinologist vitamins can cause the development of tumors

Vitamins and minerals can cause serious injury if they take uncontrollably. This was told by the internist-endocrinologist Fatima Dzgoeva.

Мнение эндокринолога: витамины могут стать причиной развития опухоли

According to her, “the uncontrolled consumption of vitamins may cause damage that increases the risk of tumors”.

To determine the lack of vitamins should only doctor. So, excessive intake of iron can lead to the development of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Biologically active additives (dietary Supplements) can get into the market, bypassing the study of their security, and our people love to self-medicate.

— Decide, relatively speaking, to add magnesium, chromium and zinc. Our body is much smarter than us and able to adapt to external circumstances, but after self-medication he can not cope with the influx of strange substances, noted Dzgoeva.

This issue can not blindly follow the advice of bloggers and fitness trainers, said the medic. The right style of food is Mediterranean, when the basis of the diet are slowly digestible carbohydrates, cereals, legumes, olive oil, nuts.

Note that in our country there is no regulatory framework for the regulation of BAD trafficking. The result is supplements have been the object of uncontrolled commercial activities with unscrupulous and aggressive advertising.