The Order of Accountants concerned by the accusation of fraud and theft against its ex-president

The Order of Accountants concerned about the accusation of fraud and theft targeting its ex-president


The Order of Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) of Quebec says it is “concerned” by the vast fraud alleged against a residence for seniors in which its former president, who is still one of its members.

“It goes without saying that the Order is taking the situation very seriously,” said Maude Bujeault-Bolduc, director of communications for the Ordre des producteurs agréés du Québec in a written statement.

Our Office of investigation revealed on Friday that Claude Gauvin, an accountant who chaired the Order in the early 2000s, as well as his spouse, Lucie Couturier, would have cheated for eight years and for more than $ 200,000 the Residence Cardinal-Vachon of Quebec .

Gauvin and Couturier have been facing criminal charges of fraud and theft over $5,000 since September 29. They have already reimbursed more than $207,000 to the Residence as part of a confidential settlement that ended a civil lawsuit in 2019.

Lucie Couturier was general manager of this establishment founded by the Diocese of Quebec to welcome retired priests in particular.

“Under no circumstances may a member of the Order use his status and the trust that his clientele has in him to commit reprehensible acts,” writes Ms. Bujeault-Bolduc.

Questioned by our Investigation Office, the Order of Accountants does not want to indicate since when it has been aware of this affair.

It also does not want to say whether it will impose sanctions on the regard to Claude Gauvin, or even whether he will investigate further to our revelations.

“For the sake of protecting the public, neither the Order nor the syndic can comment on a process by the syndic and cannot either confirm or deny the holding of an investigation by the trustee”, replies the spokesperson.

Claude Gauvin is a life member of the Order, a status that exists “in order to underline [the] long membership in the accounting profession” of certain professionals, specifies Ms. Bujeault-Bolduc.

Friday morning, in a publication on its Facebook page, the Residence Cardinal-Vachon indicated that it would not issue any comment and that it would “leave it to the courts to decide the case”.

Claude Gauvin and Lucie Couturier would have paid for the earthworks of their luxurious house in the Lebourgneuf district by the Résidence Cardinal-Vachon. It involved an expense of $75,000. 

Ms. Couturier also allegedly unduly authorized the payment of more than $100,000 to her spouse, from the accounts of the Residence, at the without the knowledge of the establishment's board of directors.

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