The organizers of the “Roland Garros”-2020 called the new date of the tournament

Организаторы "Ролан Гаррос"-2020 назвали новую дату турнира

“Roland Garros”

The only clay tournament “Grand slam” – Roland Garros shifted by one week with respect to the original is declared the new terms and should start on 27 September, according to L’equipe.

In mid-March, the organizers announced that the tournament will start not 18 may it was supposed to be before the pandemic coronavirus, and 20 September and will end on 4th October.

The timing of the “Roland Garros” were imposed on men’s tournaments in Metz (France), St. Petersburg (Russia), Sofia (Bulgaria), Zhuhai (China) and Chengdu (China) and women’s competitions in Guangzhou (China), Seoul (Korea), Tokyo (Japan) and Wuhan (China). In addition, at this time, in Boston (USA) was scheduled Cup familiar with laver.

Now the above tournaments in Russia and France, as well as in Guangzhou, Seoul and Tokyo nothing should stop. Cup familiar with laver in this case has already been postponed to 2021.

However, the new dates for the Open championship of France affect men’s and women’s tournaments in Beijing (China), men in Tokyo. It is not clear what will happen with ground competitions, which usually take place before the “Roland Garros”, including a “Masters” in Madrid and Rome.