The organizers of the US Open is ready to pay the charters all participants of the tournament

Организаторы US Open готовы оплатить чартеры всем участникам турнира

The US Open organizers intend to make significant expenditures and to organize Charter flights for players and their teams in new York (or another city tournament) to reduce the risk of infection with coronavirus and in conditions of closed borders. Bosses of major ready to go for it and book a flight tennis players, if only they arrived in the United States, according to The Times.

In addition, the organizers are willing to make radical changes in the format of the tournament.

In particular, the organizers can refuse linesmen. In this case they will replace the technology of Hawk-Eye, is designed to determine whether the ball crossed the line or not, and Bolloev can replace older staff.

While the U.S. Open tennis this year can pass in a three-set winner format for men. This change will enter only with the approval of the ATP, says the publication.

At the moment the US Open expect to spend from 31 August to 13 September, and the venue may move out of new York.