The ‘Oscar-2020: all details of the ceremony and list of winners

The award “Oscar” for best film was given to film “Parasites” South Korean Director Pont Joon Ho. This is the first time in the history of the award when the nomination “the best film” won film not in the English language, writes the BBC.

Премия 'Оскар-2020': все подробности церемонии и список победителей

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“Parasites” won in three nominations: “best Director”, “best original screenplay” and “best foreign film”.

It was expected that this picture will get the prize for best international film. This award used to be called “Best foreign language film”. However, the film was voted the best without any discounts on the country and language, having the main “Oscar”, and this is a landmark decision for Hollywood.

Thus, the “Parasites” got on the 92-th ceremony “Oscar” in Los Angeles more awards — they have won four of the six nominations that were submitted.

Film PON Joon-Ho is the winner of awards in many international festivals. At the Cannes film festival in 2019 “Parasites” received “the Gold palm branch”.

The film was also awarded the prize of the British Academy (BAFTA), winning in the categories “Best original screenplay” and “Best foreign film”. Also, the South Korean film was awarded a Golden globe as best foreign film.


Most nominations, 11, had “the Joker” Todd Phillips. He was also nominated for the main prize “Oscar” together with “Irish” (Martin Scorsese), “Jojo Rabbit” (tayka of Waititi), “Little women” (Greta Gerwig), “Marital history” (Noah Baumbach), 1917 (Sam Mendes), “One day in Hollywood…” (Quentin Tarantino) and “Ford vs Ferrari” (James Mangold).

As a result of “the Joker” won in two categories. Joaquin Phoenix, who played a major role in it, received the award for best actor, and the author of the soundtrack to “the Joker” by the Icelandic composer Hildur Gudnadottir received the award for best music for the film.

The main awards were as follows:

Best film: “Parasites” (Pont Zhong Ho)

Best RegiswithUra: mon Zhong Ho (“Parasites”)

Best actor: Joaquin Phoenix (“the Joker”)

Best actress: Renee Zellweger (“Judy”)

Best supporting actor: brad pitt (“One day in Hollywood…”)

Best supporting actress: Laura Dern (“a wedding story”)

Best original screenplay: pan Jung Ho Han, Jin-Won (“Parasites”)

Best adapted screenplay: Taika of Waititi (the”Kraljic Jojo”)

Best animated feature film: “toy Story 4” (Josh Cooley)

Joaquin Phoenix used his speech at the ceremony “Oscar” to remind the audience about the many challenges facing humanity.

He managed to address a set of themes — from issues of animal cruelty to racial discrimination. At the beginning of his speech, he said that he intends to use the speech to stand up for those he is deprived of the opportunity to defend themselves.

His short speech, he began with the environment and animal rights. “We believe that we have to artificially inseminate a cow. And when she gives birth, we select her child, and then pick it is designed for calf milk and add it to your coffee or cereal,” said Joaquin Phoenix.

According to the actor, people are afraid of change because they think they have to sacrifice something, although the only right choice is the path of love and compassion.

“I was a scoundrel. Sometimes I was violent with me it was difficult to work with. Many of those present here today in this hall, at one time gave me a second chance. When we support each other, show ourselves better,” said Joaquin Phoenix.

Brad pitt held the ceremony received his first acting Oscar for her role in Quentin Tarantino’s “One day in Hollywood…”. In 2014, the actor received the Oscar as a producer for the film “12 years of slavery”.

In his speech on the occasion of awarding brad pitt criticized the impeachment of Donald trump in the Senate.

“I was told that I only have 45 seconds for a speech here, but 45 seconds is much longer than what gave the Senate this week John Bolton,” said brad pitt, thus hinting at the failure of the Republican majority in the U.S. Senate to call to testify former adviser to the President for national security John Bolton.

“Maybe Quentin will make movies about it, and in the final, adults will make the right decision”, — said ironically brad pitt. He also did not forget to thank Quentin Tarantino for his work on the film.

“You’re original, you’re the only one. The film industry would have withered away without you,” said pitt, referring to Tarantino.

Renee Zellweger, won the “Best actress” for her performance as Judy garland in the biopic “Judy”, said that he dedicated the prize to Judy garland. According to Zellweger, Judy garland at the time, has not received due recognition, so the film in which she played the role of a famous American actress and singer, is a recognition of its heritage.

“Parasites” — a social drama, black humor or horror?

The film centers on the KIMS — the husband with the wife and almost adult son and daughter living in the most that neither is a slum in the poorest district of Seoul.

Live in absolute poverty: stealing Internet from a nearby cafe, at the window of their basement dwelling constantly urinating drunks. Money to fight an insurmountable cockroaches they have, and they are driving in their miserable dwelling sprayed on the street disinfection. Their only pitiful earnings — unskilled manufacture of cardboard pizza boxes.

Hope breaks, and when the son failed University student receives from his more fortunate peers offer to work as a tutor of English language in a prosperous family of a wealthy businessman living in a luxurious house in the richest district of the capital.

His ward, the eldest girl, but the family Packs, there are little Tomboy. The only thing that can though as-that to calm him down — the desire to draw, and the tutor of the pretender recommends as a teacher of drawing and at the same time art therapist for your sister.

Her talents to fine art we have had the opportunity to see when it is cleverly designed on a computer for my brother a fake University degree.

The rich owners in their relationship the boy and the girl are not recognized, and the gullibility of employers and resorting to, to put it mildly, not very decent methods of intrigue and deception, they gradually eliminate from the family years of working there the driver and the housekeeper.

Vacant seats, of course, is instantly materialize as the ideal candidates to their own father and mother.

About the close family ties re-formed a full set of his subservient family owners remains in the dark.

The result is a classic, well-known for the internationally popular “Downtown Abbey” mirror design of the top and bottom, rich and poor, indentured servants and service.

Attendants lying, twisting, intriguing. Is ingenious, clever, elegant and hilarious. To follow masterfully, with skill and ability is a match for the ocean’s eleven played a multi-way fraudulent combinations are incredibly exciting.

But think about it! What is the purpose of saturated with fraud, and even crimes resourcefulness of the family KIMS? Not 150 millions, like the ocean, but only in a modest work of the tutor, chauffeur, housekeeper.

It turns out, however, that built the Director of the social design of the top-the bottom two floors is not limited. There is also a basement — macabre the bottom of life, gloomy and hopeless, and Kimam in order to survive, you have to keep the inhabitants of this bottom in much greater oppression than that which drove the lives of their own.

“Parasites” is the seventh feature film 50-year-old filmmaker. His previous film “Okja” caused a scandal in Cannes in 2017.

It has become a bone of contention between producer Netflix and the organizing Committee of the festival who didn’t make the film without the traditional screening in cinemas.

Its new exciting and fully deserving of all the awards the film “Parasites” Pont Zhong Ho firmly established himself as one of the most interesting artists of contemporary cinema.




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