The other 'great replacement'

The other


The specter of the “great replacement” has long been stirred. But the replacement to be feared and fought for is not the one imagined by the proponents of this theory. It is that of common sense by woke ideology. Because the contradictions of wokism certainly constitute the most serious threat to social peace.


Let's take an example. Wokes are pushing for inclusive writing. They say they deconstruct French grammar to affirm gender equality. This “solidarity” language would be essential to promote the rights of women and atrophy the domination of men.

The fact that the virtual non-existence of gender marks in English and Chinese has in no way prevented sexist or discriminatory behavior in these societies should be enough to cast doubt on woke rationality. But there is more.

The same woke ideology today allows criminals to choose the type of penitentiary institution (for men or for women) that corresponds to their gender identity, even if they are not undergoing hormone therapy and have no had no surgery. Their sincerity is automatically admitted. This would be, it is said, to ensure their rights, safety and dignity.

However, we recently learned that a violent criminal, who was transferred to a women's prison after declaring himself trans, terrorized the inmates. A complaint has been filed for harassment and sexual assault.


The wokes therefore sabotage the French language in the name of women's rights, but do not care of the right of these same women to serve their sentences in safety. They fight a cosmetic fight where they vociferate against the domination of men, but willingly give prisoners as food to violent men.

The woke ideology is the expression of a mental chaos. The more it is allowed to impose itself, the more it infects society with its pathology, the more it generates metastases. We must quickly rehabilitate common sense!

The other «great replacement&raquo ;