The outflow of currency from Ukraine decreased by half

Отток валюты из Украины уменьшился вдвое

In may there was a collapse of exports and imports by groups of goods and services

Imports of goods declined at a faster pace than exports, improving the balance of payments.

The balance of payments deficit of Ukraine in may decreased 2.1 times compared with the same month in 2019, to $353 million On Wednesday, July 1, according to the national Bank.

The exports of goods in may decreased by 24.7%, to $3.1 billion, mainly due to the collapse of exports of metallurgical products by 32.1%.

The exports of engineering products fell by 17.5%, wood and wood products – by 25.5%, chemical products – by 18.4%, food products – by 13.4%.

Imports of goods decreased by 35.5%, to $3.3 billion While imports of energy fell by 2.1 times.

The import of engineering products decreased by 25.4%, including passenger cars – by 14.5%, chemical products – by 33.3%, metallurgy – by 34%.

The decrease in import of services has occurred against reduction of 4 times the costs of traveling abroad and short-term migrants, as well as in connection with a decrease in 2.3 times, transport and other business services.

Reduced exports of services contributed to the decline in transport services in monetary terms by 1.6 times and costs of travelling to Ukraine 28 times.