The output of the national team of Ukraine for Euro-2020 – 4 for the event in 2019 for Ukrainians

Выход сборной Украины на Евро-2020 – на 4 месте по событийности в 2019 году для украинцев

The national team of Ukraine on football has reached the final of Euro 2020 and this event has become one of the most important for Ukrainians in 2019.

According to the poll of the Sociological group “Rating”, for 13% of Ukrainians exit the Euro – the most important event of 2019, according to the official website of the Ukrainian football Association.

The survey was conducted in December among the population of Ukraine aged 18 years and older. The survey involved 2500 respondents.

More important in 2019 called the liberation of Ukrainian sailors from the Russian captivity (48%), the elections of the President of Ukraine (44%) and parliamentary elections (15%).