The owner of Formula 1 assumes that in 2020 may not be any races

Владелец Формулы-1 допускает, что в 2020 году может не пройти ни одной гонки

The President and CEO of Liberty Media, which owns the rights to Formula 1, Greg Maffei stated that the variant at which in 2020 will not take place on any phase of the “Royal” racing series.

“The current situation is a challenge for us, – quotes GrandPX 59-year-old Maffia. – We are considering different options. It may take from 15 to 18 races, and may not be any stage. There is also the possibility of holding a Grand Prix without spectators, in the presence of only racing teams,” said the owner of Formula 1.

The businessman stressed that Liberty Media need to keep commands “solvent because they are part of what we need for a successful race in 2020, 2021 and later years.”

For these purposes, according to Maffia, Liberty Media has redeployed Finance to release Fund in the amount of 1.4 billion USD. for the salvation of Formula 1.

The start of the season 2020 in Formula 1 postponed due to the pandemic coronavirus.