The owner of the NBA called on the League to allow players to use doping

Владелец клуба НБА призвал Лигу разрешить использовать игроками допинг

Mark Cuban

The owner of the “Dallas Mavericks” mark Cuban called on the leadership of the NBA to allow players to use doping.

In particular, the businessman wants the League approved the use of growth hormone.

“It’s time to recognize that human growth hormone can positively affect recovery from injury. I financed this study that the athletes could return to order and to do what he likes.

The reason human growth hormone banned is no research on this subject was not. A couple of years ago I said “If no data, let’s find out if it’s helping recovery from injuries”. We organized the study at the University of Michigan, and found that growth hormone significantly reduces recovery time. This is the first step, and I hope that the IOC, NBA and other leagues initiate further investigation,” said Cuban in an interview with ESPN.