The owners of these animals live a quarter longer than the others

Mortality decreased by 24%.

Two separate studies from Sweden and Canada analyzed information on millions of people with and without dogs. It turned out that the owners of these animals on 24% less likely to die for any reason.

Владельцы этих животных живут на четверть дольше остальных

New studies show that dog owners live longer than those who don’t. To this conclusion came from two groups of researchers from Sweden and Canada. For example, older people who live alone, one-third less likely to die of a heart attack if they have a furry friend in the house, as found by the Swedish researchers. Loneliness plays a well-known sad role in the deteriorating health of the elderly. It not only limits the level of happiness in life, but also increases the risk of chronic diseases and death.

Experts of the American heart Association emphasize that this study is solid proof of the ability of dogs to make us healthier, but it’s serious food for thought. These studies were not randomized, so the findings are not strictly scientific, is observational studies, the results of which one can suppose with some degree of confidence. However, not the first time scientists discover that the presence of Pets healthy.

In General, dogs reduce stress levels because it allows lonely people to communicate. In addition, the presence of a dog requires regular walks on the street, and it is good to strengthen overall health. Similar kind of Hiking is extremely necessary for people of all ages for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and other ailments.