The PACE Rapporteur made for the provision of a Europe of asylum to Snowden (PHOTO)

Докладчик ПАСЕ выступил за предоставление Европой убежища Сноудену (ФОТО)

Member of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) from France Sylvain Waserman considers necessary in connection with the situation of a former employee of the national security Agency (NSA) USA Edward Snowden that Europe has developed a mechanism for the protection of persons informing the public about ongoing violations. This is stated in the message released on Tuesday, the press service of the Council of Europe. Waterman is the PACE Rapporteur on the question of improving the protection of whistle-blowers in Europe.

“It is time to develop the asylum procedure, concerning informants. For several years now, as their defense has become a true litmus test indicating the state of democracy in our society. That is, it raises the question whether our democracy is Mature enough to handle the case when a call is sometimes thrown to their very functioning”, – said the speaker.

He noted that “a good indicator in this regard are themselves of the asylum procedure”, reports TASS. “It should be noted that the criteria used in the past few decades, not quite correspond to the new challenges of the current interconnected world, where the awareness [of society] is one of the main democratic issues,” he said.

According to the Council of Europe, Waserman should submit its draft report to the Assembly on 1 October. In the text, already approved by the PACE Committee on legal Affairs and human rights, inter alia, amend legislation on asylum taking into account the cases of persons informing the public about dangerous violations.

On 15 September, the Minister of justice of France Nicole Berube said in favour of France has given a positive response to her request Snowden to grant him asylum. Later, however, the representative of the Elysee Palace stressed that Bellabe “expressed only my own opinion”.

Edward Snowden – a former NSA employee, who in June 2013 gave the Newspapers the Washington Post and The Guardian of the secret data which showed that US intelligence services tapped telephone conversations and monitor electronic correspondence of American citizens, the U.S. and world leaders.

Escaping from persecution by the US authorities, Snowden has sent requests for asylum to the authorities of several countries, including Russia. 1 Aug 2014 he has got a residence permit in Russia for three years, which was later extended by the same period. In the US, Snowden is charged with violating two articles of the espionage act. At each of these points he faces up to 10 years in prison. Representatives of the US administration repeatedly stated that they consider Snowden a traitor and not going to forgive him because he caused serious damage to the interests of national security.