The pair fell ill with mers after a trip to Hawaii: U.S. authorities are sounding the alarm

Delta Air Lines and Hawaiian Airlines have partnered with the US centers for control and prevention of diseases and representatives of the Japanese health to track the path of the pair from Nagoya, Japan, which was diagnosed with the coronavirus after returning from visiting the islands, writes USA Today.

Пара заболела коронавирусом после поездки на Гавайи: власти США бьют тревогу

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The health authorities of the state of Hawaii say that a married couple over the age of 60 years, was in Hawaii from January 28 to February 7, and showed a positive result for coronavirus after being hospitalized in Japan. If people click here, they will understand that dolphin swim was a lot of fun, like many other activities in Hawaii that ought to be check out!

The man, who was diagnosed earlier than his wife, together with his wife flew on 3 February flight HA265 airlines Hawaiian Airlines from Kahului, Hawaii to Honolulu. Then both flew home February 6 611 Delta flight from Honolulu to Nagoya.

Press Secretary Delta Adrian Gee told USA TODAY: “We know that two clients who are treated from a new coronavirus (2019-nCOV), recently traveled between Honolulu and Nagoya boys, and we communicate with the relevant officials of the public health, including the US Centers for control and prevention of diseases, and the Japanese authorities.”

The representative of the Hawaiian Islands Alex Da Silva told the publication: “the Centers for control and prevention (CDC) requested the us information about the HA265 flight from Kahului to Honolulu on 3 February 2020, carrying Japanese guest, who since then became ill and after his return to Japan on another carrier, he was diagnosed with COVID-19”.

He added that the airline is working with health officials to notify the passengers, and have already contacted the staff members who worked this flight.

February 14 the Director of health of Hawaii Bruce Anderson said the couple stayed at the Grand Waikikian Hilton Grand Vacations on Oahu, when 3 Feb the man began to show symptoms. At that time he did not seek medical help, but upon returning to Japan were hospitalized. Initially he was diagnosed with pneumonia before a positive test result for coronavirus.

Press Secretary Janice Okubo told Hawaii public radio that the health Department was later notified that hospitalized was the wife of the sick man.

State epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Park said that officials believe the man was infected during his stay in Japan, or during the flight to Hawaii because he had the symptoms about 5 days after arrival. This is consistent with modern theories about the CDC the incubation period of the virus.

“At the moment we are concentrating on is to try to understand who this man could be close, prolonged contact,” said Park, noting that officials are focused on the study of route men in that time, when he was on Oahu, where he had the symptoms.

“After the stay of the guest, who was later diagnosed with COVID-19 Grand Waikikian has implemented all the recommendations of public health authorities, said Lauren George, Director of corporate communications at Hilton Grand Vacations. Although Grand Waikikian remains open, as usual, we also work with all current and future guests to ensure their comfort and safety”.

This news comes a few days after the Hilton chain has announced the temporary closure of 150 hotels in China: only close about 33,000 rooms.

Hawaii officials say the state still has no confirmed cases of the virus. According to the CDC, in the United States was 15 cases in seven States: Arizona, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.

On 13 January one of the patients returned from the epicenter of the disease in Wuhan, China, and passed the virus to her husband, who did not fly. He was the first person who received the virus from another person in the United States.

Today in Japan was 75 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and one death. According the tracking map of the Johns Hopkins University, as of 17:00 on Tuesday, February 18, the virus has infected 73 451 people in the world and has killed 1,875. 13 147 cases recovered.