The Parliament of Bolivia has passed a bill to hold new General elections (PHOTOS)

Both houses of the legislative Assembly of Bolivia voted for a bill to hold new General elections in the country, reports TASS.

The document is intended for transmission to the interim President of Bolivia Janine Agnes, who is expected to sign it Sunday.
The bill invalidates the results of the presidential elections on 20 October. In addition, the document prohibits persons who have already served two terms at the helm, to run for the same position. This measure prevents the possibility of the ex-President of Bolivia, Evo Morales again elected to the position of leader of the country.

Later, the Bolivian Parliament will have to agree on the new composition of the Supreme electoral Tribunal of seven people, after the former members of the court were deprived of their posts because of accusations of fraud with the results of the October elections.

The situation in Bolivia deteriorated after the presidential elections. Elections took place on 20 October, the winner were announced by the acting President: the representative of the “Movement to socialism” Evo Morales.

His main rival and his supporters declared the facts of fraud, refused to recognize the election results and demanded a new vote. Against this background, the country has intensified protest movement, in many cities there were scuffles between supporters and opponents of Morales, as well as clashes with the police.

November 10, after the call of the commander of the armed forces of Bolivia Williams Kaliman, Morales resigned, and soon left Bolivia and went to Mexico, which has granted him asylum.

According to the Constitution, the power in the country passed to the second Vice-President of the Senate (the upper house of Parliament) of Bolivia, Janine Agnes, representing the “Democratic social movement”, in stark opposition to the “Movement towards socialism” Morales.