The participant “s Tancu with a stars” told about bullying in school

Участница «Танців з зірками» рассказала об издевательствах в школе

Actress Victoria Bulitko from “Diesel Show” last aired conquered the jury “s Tancu with a stars” passionate tango, made a Frank admission. She said that the child was a victim of constant bullying peers.

Участница «Танців з зірками» рассказала об издевательствах в школе

Victoria remembered that he had been abused in the day, when it came to the lessons my mother had given me a trendy skirt. The ambiguity caused envy and aggression among high school girls.

In seventh grade my mom gave me a cool foreign mini-skirt. Of course, I’m happy came to her school. I paid attention to high school girls and asked, do I consider myself the coolest. I very boldly replied, “Yes!” After, the girls literally pulled me out of school, began to push into the wall, to throw gum in the hair and otherwise humiliated. This story ended that I told my father everything, and he stood up for me. High school forced to apologize, but the bitter aftertaste I have left”, — shared Victoria “Sedanka z 1+1”.

Участница «Танців з зірками» рассказала об издевательствах в школе

She advises teenagers not to be afraid to speak about incidents of bullying, and speak out if you witness bullying someone.

This topic Victoria Bulitko and her partner Dmitry Dikusar dedicated to the dance style hip-hop.

Recall that the fourth live show “Tanzu s with a stars” was the theme of love. The judge of the project Kateryna Kuhar and her husband Alexander Stoyanov played the wedding live. The project has left TV presenter Nadezhda Matveeva. Behind the scenes of the project and injuries on the floor she told in an exclusive interview with “FACTS.”

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