The participants of the “Tanzu s with a stars” will converge in the “Battle for life” (photos)

Участники «Танців з зірками» сойдутся в «Битве за жизнь» (фото)

Sunday, October 13, will be the eighth live “Tanzu s with a stars” (“1+1”). It will be held under the theme “Battle for life”. Participants will demonstrate on the floor only a ballroom dancing program, and pairs that are the results of the voting will be in the risk zone, will fight for the chance to stay in the project.

The decision which of them will continue to have judges, which this time will be joined by legend of the project, the choreographer and people’s artist of Ukraine Grigory Chapkis. It was one of the jury members “Tanzu s with a stars” thirteen years ago.

Участники «Танців з зірками» сойдутся в «Битве за жизнь» (фото)
*Grigory Chapkis

Leading to a balcony, which will meet the stars after the speeches, will be the showman Potap with his eleven-year-old son Andrew.

— We with the son do not understand the art of ballroom dancing, so I really hope the judges and we’ll be on the same wavelength with the audience who, like us, not professionals, — said Potapov, who will present a new lyrical song “CHINA”.

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In the eighth broadcast-star for the first time will show all their technical training in dance.

Viewers will be able to see the mastery of their favorites, — said “FACTS” head of the project Vladimir Zawaduk. — It will be a real battle for life and the chance to prove that they are worthy of a final.

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Actor Alex Yarovenko, who last broadcast admitted that he wanted to leave the show and decided to stay, not to fail his partner Alain Shoptenko, decided to surprise the audience by excellent choreography. The pair will dance a passionate tango. Actress Ksenia Mishina tries to speak with his partner Jack a Cat in a comic role, a spectacular Jive dancing. Olympic medal winner Anna Rizatdinova with Alexander Prokhorov will ignite the room of the carnival Samba.

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